look around

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This large-scale outdoor collaboration with composer Shara Nova asks us to question ourselves. Where are we?  Who are we? Look Around asks how we can better see one another, and deeply listen to our neighbors and our environment.   In an immersive music performance extending from Ziegler Park through the Over The Rhine district and culminating in Washington Park, thirty local groups including choirs, instrumental ensembles and dancers, along with the Cincinnati Symphony will gather together in musical meditation and celebratory parade on August 3rd, 2019.  Inspired by the native northern mockingbird’s ability to listen and learn from others, the groups will perform music co-created with composer Shara Nova, and with direction by Mark DeChiazza, moving throughout the neighborhood in an invitation for active audience participation.

The title of the work is taken from Siri Imani’s poem “Lost Generation” which begins with the words, “I need you to care not about yourself or obtaining your wealth / I need you to look around”. Text for the music will be derived from interviews Nova will conduct with local community members focusing on identity, emphasizing our cultural diversity and reflecting on what it means to have a sense of home.

To learn more visit Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra online.

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