I have built my craft as a filmmaker, designer, choreographer and director, and I often take on more than one of these roles in any given project. I create work that features cohesive and deep expression, integrating influences from design, film, dance, theater, and music. While manipulating the intersections of these forms I seek to discover new expressive and kinetic possibilities in performance, presentation, and design. For me, there is no division between the acts of directing performers, arranging inanimate objects, or articulating light for a camera.

 As a director and filmmaker, my work is time-based: I shape constructions and images dynamically through time, bending them through film editing or mechanisms of the stage. As a choreographer and designer, I focus on space: the environment creates context for meaning; design and movement are languages that move the observer in subliminal ways. 

My diverse artistic background, combined with my extensive knowledge of technical production, helps me guide composers, performing groups, and arts and educational institutions to realize original and innovative projects. I can provide leadership in all aspects of planning and production, and assist in shaping works that make the very most of artistic and material assets.


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