DIRECTOR/FILMMAKER (staged concert)

FILM DIRECTOR and EDITOR (film version)

It Is Time, commissioned by Carnegie Hall for composer Steve Mackey and the acclaimed four-member ensemble So Percussion, engages our perception of time and our desire to control and manipulate it.  When performed live, the concert includes projected films and staging for the musicians, all created by director Mark DeChiazza.   In the DVD that Cantaloupe released with the CD audio, DeChiazza expands and re-interprets the concert version of It Is Time, for the screen.  The two-disk release was on Time Out New York's list of the top ten classical albums of 2011. DeChiazza's film-version has been featured on NPR Music and on Vic Firth's website, among others, and to date has reached an online audience of over 40,000.

It Is Time, (3 min trailer)

The video’s director, Mark DeChiazza, is also a choreographer – and he understands the inherent kineticism of musical performance.
The DVD of It Is Time has the additional element of a mesmerizing video by Mark DeChiazza that’s projected on a screen behind the players. The set should be of strong interest to any fans of new music or music for percussion ensemble.
IT IS TIME easily sits among my favorite Mackey works. Of course, this work is made even more special by So Percussion’s wonderful and engaging performance. These guys really do get right to the heart of the piece! Couple their performance with the video work of Mark DeChiazza and the result is nothing short of a mesmerizing and compelling 40 minutes of art.

IT IS TIME (complete video 38 min)

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